15 Chakra Activation and Light Bath

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I am very excited to present to you all a free online workshop where we will perform a deep cleanse and activation of the full 15 fifth dimensional chakras.

It has been a very intense period these past few months which has brought about a lot of upheaval in both our physical and energetic systems.

This workshop is an opportunity for some time out to reset and rebalance our energetic systems.

Whether you have never worked with the fifth dimensional chakras before, or you have been for many years, this will be an excellent opportunity for an energetic top up.

In this workshop you will:

  • Receive a brief introduction to the 15 Chakra system
  • Fully activate and cleanse your chakras
  • Cleanse and balance your 4 body system
  • Receive a energetic gift from the Archangels to empower your ascension

If you have one, please bring your favourite crystal.

This workshop is completely free and anyone can join so please feel free to share this event with your friends and family.

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Workshop Recording
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