Activating the Christ Light Within

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The Christ Light is one of the most powerful and highest vibrational sources of energy that we have available to us at this time.

However it is not just a cosmic energy source that we can call in and direct when needed. It lives within us, its flame burns in our heart centre and its vibration fills every atom of our four body system.

By acknowledging this energy within us, we can expand our hearts, raise our vibration and purify our systems of the shadows from the world around us.

We will be joined in this workshop by Claire, the Elohim of Purity to assist us with this process.

Check out the following video to hear David talk about it more:

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn about the Christ Light within us
  • Activate the Sacred Flame within our bodies
  • Activate the Christ Light within every cell of our four body systems to bring purity into our lives
  • Powerful service work to bring purity to our world

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Workshop Recording
Price: £11

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